Women Self Defense and Safety Techniques

Women’s self-defense and safety techniques should be learned before you fall victim to would-be thieves and robbers.

Women’s self-defense and safety are a vital part of women’s lives. Every day you can find in the news where innocent people especially women and children are victims of violent crimes. I absolutely cringe when I read or hear about an assault or an attack on women and children.

He’s Much Bigger Than I Am, I Can’t Possibly Fight Back!
Of course, you can. But you must first be mentally aware that it can happen to you. You must be prepared.

Be Proactive Concerning Your Self Defense And Saftey
Self Defense classes are taught in almost every town or city. Check with your local police department, YMCA, or City Recreational Department to find information on personal safety and self-defense classes.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Take Action
Women and men should learn how to protect themselves and maintain some level of safety for themselves and their loved ones. Take action and search for information on self-defense and safety.

Call to Action
These are simple but yet very effective self-defense and safety techniques you can learn that will greatly decrease the chances of you being harmed during an attempted attack or robbery.

Some Self Defense and Safety Techniques for Women
First and foremost, try to escape. Make noise, scream, yell, holler, whatever you can to confuse or discourage the attacker.

Always Remember, Your First and Foremost Goal is to Survive!
Tell your attacker you have a sexually transmitted disease. Women, tell him you’re having your menstrual cycle if need be. It’s not as much about physically fighting as it is about doing whatever it takes to get away and survive the attack.

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