First American Dies From Coronavirus In Wuhan, China

A woman being taken against her will by China’s newly deployed quarantine squads, a man also pulled from the apartment forcibly taken down the stairs across China.

These videos on social media appeared to show the extreme measures taken to control the outbreak here workers in hazmat suits detain a young couple putting them into a metal box a child’s voice asks why the adult answers because they’re sick.

You can hear the screams earlier this week the government in Wuhan released an edict roundup suspected coronavirus cases. If the person refuses to cooperate, it said Public Security should enforce I can tell you that for any Chinese citizens watching those videos is that number one.

they will not want to come into communication or contact with health authorities as the Chinese government scrambles to contain the virus the US Embassy.

Beijing confirms the first American debt, a 60-year-old who died in Wuhan meanwhile flights carrying more Americans from Wuhan arrived in the U.S. Last night and they quarantine passengers at military bases in California, Texas, and Nebraska.

The State Department says they have evacuated 800 Americans from the city so far, and I plan no additional flights in New Jersey passengers on a cruise ship with dozens of Chinese nationals on board undergoing testing. Here in Hong Kong, there are new stricter border controls in place and docked in the city’s main harbor passengers on the world dream cruise ship are still undergoing testing.

Are you okay off the coast of Tokyo? The number of coronavirus cases on board the diamond princess continues to rise, incremental II getting more terrifying, and you know we realize we’re a high risk.

Molly joins us now from Hong Kong Molly how many people we have tested on that cruise ship off the coast of Tokyo.

Right, Jose said there are 3,700 people on board. They’ve only tested about 300 of those a quarter have tested positive, including 13 Americans, so we have no sense how many people might be sick.

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